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  •   The Money Manifesting Experience 12 session online program
  •   The Magic of Mastering Your Money - 4 session online course
  •   The Secret to Money and Success - recording of one day workshop 
  •   Guided Visualizations to transform you at a cellular level
  •   How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST digital and audio book and companion workbook
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    "“Sandy’s books and programs have completely changed my life.  They are not only inspirational, they're extremely fun and enjoyable. Within a few months of starting, I won six months of all expenses paid travel using some of Sandy’s techniques.

    I now have a multiple six figure [now 7-figure] business and re-read whenever I want to take my income to the next level”
    Denise DT - Lucky Bitch
    Making Space for Abundance
    •  The universe abhors a vacuum, so when you make space, its easier to manifest what you truly desire.  But this isn’t just about decluttering, it’s about freeing up the energy in body, mind and spirit so you have the space to manifest something new.  This process is about creating a sacred space for what’s really important by setting free what doesn’t serve you, what is holding you back, what is draining your energy, and opening yourself up to the possibilities and the opportunities that the Universe has in store for you.

    Creating Your Millionaire Lifestyle
    • This is when you decide exactly what you want in your life, getting really clear on what makes your heart sing, what elements you'd like to bring into your life that will transform the way you live on a day to day basis and create an entirely new future for you.  The more clarity you have the more energy you create and the easier it is to manifest.   I’ll take you through the exact process I’ve used to come up with ideas that have generated millions of dollars.  Even if you have no idea how you’ll manifest more money,  the Universe can bring you the big ideas, the people and the opportunities that can make you millions.
    " I was bankrupt and a long way from realizing my dreams. I lived in financial struggle every day. I did what you told me to do… and today I sat thinking of your work and how it has impacted my life. I live in a beautiful house, work when I choose to in my own very successful business. I walk on the beach whenever I want. I am sitting by the pool you helped me visualize. I am living the life I dreamed that you helped me create. I am abundant doing what I love.  Thank you Sandy!"                                                                  Isabelle CD
    Breaking Through Your Money Blocks
    • This is where the magic happens.  I've discovered  dozens of subconscious money blocks  that stop people from manifesting what they desire. 
      Blocks such as:
    • I don’t feel worthy enough to have money
      I feel overwhelmed thinking about how to make money
      I lack confidence
      Even when I have money I self-sabotage
      I’m irresponsible with money
      I don’t step outside my comfort zone because of fear of rejection
      Even if I try, I’m afraid I’ll fail and I’ll feel worse, because then I’ll know for sure I’ll never have money
      Money is not for me, I’m not good enough, smart enough, motivated enough, old enough, young enough cool enough, tough enough independent enough, brave enough.
      I don’t know what my money blocks are
       I don't know how to release my money blocks
      and dozens more!
    • You’ll have access to my entire vault of processes, a mixture of ancient and cutting-edge techniques, that will allow you to break through all your hidden money blocks.  You have life-time access to Millionaire Mindset Breakthrough, so you can come back and jump into the Breakthrough Blocks Vault whenever you need, and work through those blocks as they surface. 

    Attracting Your Hearts Desires
    • This is where you'll expand on the previous session and experience and therefore understand at a much deeper level how these processes and exercises work.  With greater understanding and having experienced the power of these processes, you’ll find your manifesting becomes even easier and more magical.  You’ll quickly shift from dis-empowering beliefs to ones that empower, uplift and enable you to attract your desires instead of blocking them
    “Since first studying Sandy’s material back in 2007 I have been on a manifesting mission! I have moved from rainy London to beautiful sunny Perth Australia, gone from a horrific relationship to one with the love of my life, manifested an awesome job, $10,000 lottery win, a new car/house/motorbike/boat…. Wow, the list is endless and just keeps happening! Thanks Sandy for everything you do to inspire others xxx”
    Releasing a Money Mess
    • Life happens and you’re going to have your ups and downs. This is an area many people fall apart. Instead of understanding this is just the ebb and flow of money matters and picking themselves up and getting back into it, they let it derail them for days, or weeks, or months and sometimes even years.  In this Module we’ll look at what to do when you have bad days, when you have debts to clear or it just looks like nothing is working.    You'll have access to some powerful tools to bring you and your money manifesting back into balance and get you back on track to creating a future filled with prosperity.

    Miracles and Manifesting
    • In this final module we cover some advanced manifestation topics and ensure all your newly discovered strategies and beliefs are integrated at a cellular level.  This isn’t just knowing about prosperity, its about becoming prosperity, its about vibrationally aligning with abundance so you're in the flow and your manifesting becomes virtually effortless.
    PLUS - you get these special Bonuses Below
    Money Manifesting Secrets
    • This 6 module audio program is exactly what you need to start attracting abundance now.  Based on my international bestseller How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast, it’s filled with practical advice and spiritual processes to allow you to start amplify your money manifesting journey. One of my students used these processes to win an all expenses trip around the world, another manifested a house, a pool and a business she loves.
    The Magic of Mastering Your Money
    • If you have money flowing in, but flowing out even faster or have debts,  this practical program is for you! You'll learn: How to create MORE cash flow instantly (it's not about manifesting, it’s timeless practical advice); A simple step-by-step process to become debt free (it's not about making more or investing or anything tricky. It's simply using the money you have now in ways that are life-changing). You’ll become a Master of your money instead of a slave to it, and your entire relationship with money will transform when you implement these simple strategies 
    6 Guided Visualizations
    • One of the most powerful processes I’ve used to manifest my dream home, my travels around the world and millions of dollars are visualizations.  This is one of the fastest ways you can use to put your order into the Universe and be supported to easily create your new life of prosperity and freedom.  Visualizations include  Awaken Your Prosperity Self,  Million Dollar Manifesting, Releasing for Energetic Expansion, Money Mantra Meditation,  Overcoming Your Self-Destruct and Create Your Ideal Day
    Wildly Wealthy Treasures
    • Here you’ll find lots of goodies to speed up your prosperity transformation. You’ll get my international bestseller How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast in ebook and audio book format, as well as the Companion workbook to support your transformation. You’ll also have access to recordings of some of my most popular live events and webinars such as The Secret to Money and Success, The Prosperity Meditation Experience and The Secrets to Abundance.  These will inspire and empower you to become a master manifestor.
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